Individualized Care for Every Body


Diagnosis & Prognosis

We block off up to 90 minutes for evaluations and will assess you from head to toe. We understand that a proper diagnosis and prognosis involves a thorough assessment and interview process.

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Treatment & Facilitation

Because of injuries, our habits and our environment, certain muscles become under-used and weak. We provide a detailed corrective exercise program to help restore your strength and stability.

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Relaxation & Inhibition

Without corrective exercises, there will be limited long term benefits of manual therapy. However manual therapy can help accelerate recovery and movement restoration through neurological inhibition of pain and muscle tone.

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Walking & Running

Not all shoe advice is created equal. What works for one person doesn't necessarily work for the next person. And most of the time the most fashionable shoes are the least functional.

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Comfort & Support

Sometimes exercise and manual therapy has its limitations. It certain cases foot orthotics are necessary to accommodate to the negative adaptations that have occurred due to walking on unnatural surfaces.

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Measure & Track

We provide InBody body composition analysis to measure the unique make-up of your body. This tool can be used to set health goals related to total body fat or muscle mass percentage.

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Convenience & Access

Experience our Physical Therapy assessment and management services from the comfort of your own home. In order to qualify you need to be an existing client who has established your care in-person first.

If you are interested in Personal Training or Tai Chi please visit our partner website: Root & Branch Integrative Fitness